Oil mist problem solved.

The Mestorm Solution process fluid aerosol extractor will relieve your operation of oil mist and related problems.

Oil mist problem solved.

The Mestorm Solution process fluid aerosol extractor will relieve your operation of oil mist and related problems.

Why use Mestorm Solution extractors?


Good employees are the greatest asset of any manufacturing company. Mestorm Solution extractors directly protect the health of people employed in the metal and engineering industries by minimizing their contact with oil mist.

Saving cutting fluid

A significant proportion of extracted process fluid particles dispersed in the oil mist precipitates on the inner walls of both the extractor and the exhaust hose, feeds back into the CNC system of the machine and Mestorm Solution saves you costs.

Easy to install

When purchasing a Mestorm Solution extractor, we also offer the customer professional installation. However, there is no problem if the customer decides to install the extractor themselves. The package includes complete installation material and detailed instructions.

Clean workplace

Mestorm Solution extracts oil mist from the CNC machine, from where it would otherwise enter the free space after opening the machine and particles from it would settle on the floor, walls, ceilings and other equipment of your hall.

Long-term reliability

Metales s.r.o., the manufacturer of Mestorm Solution extractors, has had all its CNC machines equipped with MS extractors for several years. Measurements have proven their excellent efficiency in the demanding conditions of continuous production.

Low maintenance

Maintenance of Mestorm Solution extractors consists of regular filter changes. Removing the old one and fitting a new internal and external filter is very simple and takes no more than a few minutes.

We monitor the dates of filter changes for you

The condition for the proper functioning of the extractors is to change internal filter I every 120 days and external filter II. every 365 days. The owner of the extractors does not have to monitor these deadlines in any way. Each extractor is registered under its ID number in the manufacturer’s database. It contains all data on the production, dispatch, installation, service history of the extractor and, most importantly, the service life of the installed filters.

Because of our database of extractors, we notify the customer well in advance of the upcoming replacement date and send the filters in time.

The data from the database can also be easily accessed by the customer at any time. Just scan the QR code located on the extractor with a smartphone with an internet connection. In addition to the above-mentioned information, the client also gains access to various documents, instructions or order forms.


All information immediately available

A specific solution foe every machine

The Mestorm Solution extractor is produced in three sizes with differently specified power levels to suit the wide range of CNC machines operating in the metal industry.

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MS-S Extractor

Designed for machines with a working area of less than 1.5 m3


MS-M Extractor

Designed for machines with working area from 1.5 m3 to 3 m3


MS-L Extractor

Designed for machines with a working area larger than 3 m3


The Mestorm Solution extractors is manufactured by Metales, s.r.o

Our company has been successfully operating in metal production and mechanical engineering since 1993. Because of our versatile machinery and powerful technologies, we are able to design, construct and manufacture high-quality engineering products for the demanding European and world markets.