Perfect view for the operator of the CNC tool and workpiece during machining.

Supervisor is a device, developed by Metales under the Mestorm Solution brand, which is used to solve problems associated with poor visibility during the machining process, thereby protecting your employees against unnecessary health hazards.


The device, which is attached to the inside of the door of closed CNC devices, provides you with a clean view even during the most difficult processes. The principle of operation has been developed by Mestorm. A supply of compressed air is required for the operation of the device.

Parts availability

For its simplicity, each MS-Supervisor has quickly replaceable parts that are available in our warehouses such as glass, static body part, rotating part.

Easy to install

When purchasing MS-Supervisor, we also offer professional installation to the customer. However, there is no problem if the customer decides to install the device separately. The package includes complete assembly installation and detailed instructions.

Clear operator view

With MS - Supervisor, the operator will have a perfect view of the machining process, thereby increasing safety at work.

Device care

Each MS-SUPERVISOR view hole has its own unique QR code, which serves as the health record of the device, where the customer can find all data about the device, such as the service interval, where the device is located and also regular data about the device service.